Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Worms, Part II

Last year, James and Emily planted a tree for my birthday. Emily's favorite part as an almost 2 year old was discovering worms.

I thought that her fascination with these rather disgusting creatures would be forgotten as a result of fall and winter and the lack of earthworms during those long months. I was wrong.

After fishing with Grandpa, her interest was piqued again. Mom and Dad kept the worms in their refrigerator FOREVER after that fishing trip. How do I know? Because every time we went to visit Emily had to see the worms and carry them around the backyard. Mom and Dad finally released them into their strawberry patch.

In the meantime, James started a new backyard project (he's so great!), and the earthworms appeared again. Emily now carries her "baby worms" around in a bucket. They go down the slide with her. They sit on her lap. When she's going potty, her worms are going potty too (thankfully outside in their little bucket). The other day I was talking to James outside and Emily asked me to hold something. I didn't look at what I was holding....argghhh! I am not into worms! We've been talking about sharing a lot lately, but I hope she doesn't share these items with Ivory.

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