Saturday, April 18, 2009

New discoveries

For my birthday, my thoughtful husband pulled the stump of our dead tree out of the ground and planted me a beautiful chokecherry tree (pictures to come later). Emily and Daddy had fun digging the hole for the tree and finding some treasures while they were at it. There were smooth rocks, rough rocks, and...worms. Emily was fascinated.

I'm more of a girly girl. Growing up, I decided I didn't like fishing when I was told I would have to put worms on my own hook. I don't touch worms unless it's an accident. Emily held the poor wriggling worm FOREVER! My pregnant tummy got very upset!

Here's a conversation Emily and I had today about gardening:
Me: Let's go work in the garden, Emily.
Emily: Worms!
Me: You might find one.
Emily: Cute! (her new favorite descriptor)
Me: Ummm. Yeah.
Emily: Eat it!

You can guess how I responded.

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Chris&Tricia said...

Oh your poor tummy. What an adventurous girl you have! :)