Sunday, June 21, 2009

A great thing about being a parent

One thing I love about being a parent is finding joy in the things that give my child joy. And the things that give children joy are so wonderful. Before we had Emily, James and I didn't make a habit of going to feed the ducks at a pond within walking distance of our house. We didn't visit the local school playground. We didn't care if we went to fairs and festivals where there were farm animals to pet.

Now, we get to do all those things that we didn't realize were so delightful. Of course, half of our delight is seeing Emily's eyes light up when she pets a goat and hearing a happy squeal as she pets a goose. We love seeing her share her bread and crackers with the ducks (half of it ends up in her belly).

Thank you, God, for these happy occasions.

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