Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fresh cherry pie

What a treat! Soon after James and I got married we planted some trees in our barren back yard, one of which was a dwarf pie cherry tree. Our little tree is still small, but it has grown quite a bit. Every year it has had a nice little crop of cherries, but this year was it's best by far. There were enough cherries for a least two cherry pies! The pie you are looking at is from miraculously organic (yet insect free) homegrown cherries.

I've often wished we had planted a Bing cherry tree instead, but this is still nice. Another benefit that comes with a sour cherry tree - Emily left it alone. She'll go pick strawberries and raspberries to her heart's content, but not cherries.

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Dan and Sarah said...

That looks delightful. Good job! I am impressed by the lattice top. Wish I was closer and we could eat some together along with a cup of tea!