Friday, August 15, 2008


What does our family do on a Friday night when the Olympics are on? Watch them, of course! James was talking about how the broadcasters are making a big deal of Michael Phelps' 6'7" wingspan, which is three inches greater than his height. He didn't think it was that big of a deal because his own wingspan is two inches more than his height. I mentioned to James that I think I have exceptionally long arms, too. It was time to pull out the tape measure.

The results are in:

1 - My wingspan is two inches greater than my height.

2 - James' wingspan is two and half inches greater than his height.

Based on these findings, we suspect Emily is destined to also have exceptionally long arms. Should we start her training as an Olympic swimmer? Probably. She had her first swimming lessons this summer. She didn't enjoy floating on her back, so the backstroke might be a silver or bronze. But the freestyle seems to be a lock for gold, as she's very happy to "swim" on her tummy.

For a little nerdy fun on a Friday night, do the wingspan test and see if future Olympians could run in your family.

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