Monday, August 18, 2008

Tomatoes & Peppers

It's a happy time of year for the garden! Our tomatoes are coming on strong and our first red bell peppers are begging us to make salsa. Or fajitas. The red bell peppers are mostly green with a tinge of red, but rumor has it they're ripe. I probably should have asked James to Photoshop them to make them look red. :)

For a change, this year I planted a cherry tomato. It's a huge plant with an abundance of cute, red tomatoes. Pictures don't do the size of our tomato plants justice. I've always used wooden tomato cages that my dad made to support the plants, but last year we let them go because the ends were rotting off. Instead of making new tomato cages, we bought inexpensive wire cages at Lowe's. It was a mistake. Let's just say the tomato plants are lying down on the job. I think we'll be building some kind of wooden cage for next summer.

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