Friday, June 25, 2010

The play kitchen project

Would you believe that something as hideous as this could gradually become the sweetest little play kitchen? For Emily's 3rd birthday, James and I made our girl a place to practice her culinary skills. It was technically my project, but it never would have reached completion without many hours of work from my husband. Last fall I saw this play kitchen, and just knew that I wanted Emily to have a cute, wooden play kitchen too.

We dismantled this sad little nightstand we picked up at a thrift/consignment store. Originally, the plan was to salvage one of the drawer fronts to use as the oven door, but we found out that the detail work was plastic. So, Emily's grandpa made a new oven door for the project. One thing I loved about the nightstand was that its legs looked like an old-fashioned stove!

Her sink and a few other odds and ends came from thrift shops, and the material for the potholders and storage area, as well as the upside down letter "J" for the faucet, came from Craft Warehouse. I'm really pleased with how it turned out!


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh... it looks ADORABLE!!! I love the pointy feet as well! Definitely a great find. So sweet that her grandpa was able to do something for it as well... really a group project. You did an amazing job!!

And aren't the IKEA pots, pans, and utensils so great? I think they're the perfect size... big enough for play food, where other sets at the regular stores aren't.

Amanda said...

Wow - this is amazing!! Just saw the old post on Vintage Songbird and discovered your comment and lovely blog. This play kitchen you've made is amazing - I can't wait to give one of these a go for my little girl - so much nicer than the store bought kitchenettes :)