Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lavender fields forever

A few weekends ago, Emily, Grandma, and I went to a local lavender farm to pick some sweet smelling flowers. It was so fun and so pretty. Grandma let Emily hold a lavender bouquet, and for some reason she thought it was funny to carry it on her back.

Emily loved seeing the "buzzy bees" all over the lavender. She would love to hug the bees and pet the bees. We were able to keep her from doing so this time!

It was such a nice time together! We'll have to watch for this event again next year.


Chris&Tricia said...

That looked like fun. Silly Emily. :) Esther "experienced" a bee for the first time this weekend and a wasp the weekend before. I hope Emily never does get to hug a bee.

rachel said...

Poor Esther! I won't tell Emily she was beaten in the game of hugging a bee....