Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Go, go Broncos!"

My sister-in-law made an adorable BSU cheerleader costume for her 9 month old, so with my mother-in-law's help, we borrowed the idea to make one for Emily. This is an absolutely perfect costume for Emily because:

1. We are loyal Boise State fans! Emily thinks it's fun to say "Go, go!" during the football games and lately she's added a little "Woo, hoo!" When she first got into it she would say "Broncos!" But, she's not into that anymore. Toddlers!

2. It could be worn more than just one day of the year. We've been able to have Emily wear to several parties, which was great fun until....

She ripped the logo off. Yes.

Back to the making of the dress. My mother-in-law had a pattern we used for the top of the dress, but we had to guess on the pleats for the bottom of the dress. I haven't ever sewn a dress with a lined top, so that was a great experience for me. I'm beginning to understand more about reading sewing patterns, which really helps.

The pleats, though.... They were very difficult to do. The next time I try pleats I hope to make them much bigger, which should require less sewing.

I hope to post better pictures sometime, but I need to put a new logo on the dress. It's hard to get a clear picture of Emily because she rarely stops moving.

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Dan and Sarah said...

Very Cute! Great job sewing!! I wish we lived closer to each other so that we could learn to read patterns together! I definitely struggle with that!