Saturday, October 18, 2008

One sweet little doll

This has been the "Week of the Doll" in our house. It started out early in the week with Emily casually pointing to herself in a picture on the refrigerator and saying, "Doll." Grandma was holding seven-month-old Emily in the picture and it's true. She really did look like a doll with her beautiful smile and round, chubby cheeks.

Over the last few days, Emily's love for her baby dolls has grown immensely. She's liked her dolls since before her first birthday and over the last few months she's had fun putting them in their crib, carrying them, feeding them a bottle, and patting them on the back.

But this week the dolls have wanted to go for rides in the car and into grocery stores. They want to be held all of the time (curious; that's just like my baby). One poor little doll is in the laundry basket waiting to get cleaned up. She accidentally fell head first into the toilet when Emily was carrying the doll and mommy was carrying Emily.

Tonight her favorite doll went to a fancy restaurant in town with us. She was well-behaved. A little more so than Emily, but that's another story.

Before Emily went to bed tonight she tucked her baby doll into her crib and kissed her goodnight. Then she worried that the doll didn't have a blankie, so we quickly remedied that problem. But then the doll wanted to get in Emily's bed with her. These dolls have strong personalities and they know what they want!

I am so thankful that I am Emily's mommy and I can see this nurturing develop so young in her. God is good!

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Krista said...

What special memories!!! It will be fun to look back in just a few months and remember what she was thinking and doing. Olivia is quite attached to her babies as well. They come lots of places with us and often nap in the car when we go in. Isn't life terrific!!!