Saturday, January 31, 2009

Great new recipes

This week I remembered to plan our weekly menu ahead of time, which is good news for my family. When I plan ahead, I usually squeeze in one or two new recipes because I have time to shop for missing ingredients. I am extremely happy with our two newest recipes.

Our new meal had a "Chinese" theme: homemade egg rolls and egg drop soup. This egg drop soup recipe is easy and delicious. A little broth, some eggs, green onions,'s done.

The egg rolls were time consuming, but worth it. In order to save a little time, I substituted the chopped celery, carrot, and cabbage with fresh broccoli slaw from the store. The slaw was shredded, so I put it in my Cuisinart for a quick chop. We were really happy with the results in regards to taste and nutrition. The baked egg rolls don't have the preservatives or fat content that store bought egg rolls contain.

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