Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walgreens deals for the week

I managed to get a few good deals at Walgreens this week for $6.91 - including tax.
Here's how it worked out:

Bertrolli frozen pasta on sale for $5.99 ($1.50 off coupon, printed $2 Register Reward)
2 boxes of Cheerios on sale for $1.99 (two $1 off one box coupons from the Cheerios Challenge)
3 boxes of Jello on sale for $0.39 each
Wheat Thins (free after coupon from All You magazine - buy 3 Kraft products get Wheat Thins free)
Not shown: one candy bar (how embarrassing!)

This is the first month I've bought All You magazine. I've heard about it on Money Saving Mom for months. It's only available at Walmart and it's best feature is the coupons. I couldn't believe how many coupons are in it. I've only used one coupon and it has more than paid for the magazine!

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jskell911 said...

can't beat getting all those groceries for under 7 bucks!